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Self-directed Learning

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Self-directed learning (SDL) is a type of instructional strategy in which the individual or small group has ownership over the learning process. The key components involved in SDL include learner self-management and monitoring, assessing learning needs, collaborative learning, and self-evaluation.

Students carry out learning activities to inquire about skills, topics or their areas of interest. With the support of a teacher, students learn to self-manage and monitor by setting their own learning goals, observing and evaluating their progress.

Students assess their learning needs throughout the learning process by understanding what resources and materials are required to achieve the learning objective.

Students collaborate with their peers to gain experience and knowledge in developing learning skills and achieving their learning goals.

At the end of the process, students reflect on and evaluate their own work. Both students and teachers are involved in identifying areas for improvement.

SDL is promoted through our professional development programmes, Seed projects and literacy programmes.

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