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Peripatetic Support for Small Schools

The NET Section provides peripatetic support for schools with less than 6 classes, i.e. schools which are not provided with NETs. The peripatetic support includes the assignment of an Advisory Teacher (AT) who is also a NET to take care of each small school to work out the focus of support in a specific school year. The services offered are diverse in nature, scope and intensity.

The support focus varies from school to school, depending on the needs of each individual small school. Apart from school visits, the AT concerned provides advisory service through telephone calls and e-mails.

The support may include the following:

  1. guiding the English Panel of the schools to develop a support plan related to the planning and implementation of the English Language curriculum in the schools;
  2. meeting with the English Panel of the schools on issues related to the learning, teaching and assessment of English in the schools;
  3. conducting school-based teacher development workshops;
  4. providing learning and teaching resources developed by the NET Section;
  5. assisting the schools in organising English activities, e.g. English Day, training of English ambassadors and the Speech Festival;
  6. conducting co-planning meetings and classroom teaching to demonstrate effective English language teaching strategies; and
  7. organising cluster meetings among the schools to run English-rich activities for students, e.g. inter-school English camps.
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