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Assessment Literacy

“It’s like the Charlie Brown cartoon that I love, where he’s working with Snoopy, and Lucy walks by and says, “What are you doing?” Charlie Brown says, “I’m teaching Snoopy to whistle.” Lucy disgustingly says, “Well, I’ve never heard him whistle.” “I said I was teaching him,” says Charlie Brown. “I didn’t say he was learning it.” -- Ronda Beaman, winner of the 1998 NEA Excellence in the Academy Art of Teaching Award

One focus of the curriculum reform in Hong Kong is to promote assessment literacy.  

An assessment-literate teacher demonstrates a sound knowledge of the different purposes and strategies of assessment, as well as the ability to conduct assessment in a timely and effective way to collect evidence of learning.  It is based on such evidence that appropriate learning targets can be set and sound decisions can be made to inform and improve learning and teaching.  

Given its importance in the learning and teaching process, assessment literacy is at the core of the different collaborative research and development projects (also known as “Seed” projects), literacy programmes and professional development programmes that the NET Section implements in support of the NET Scheme.  

To find out more about Assessment Literacy, please refer to the 'CDC English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1-Secondary 6)' (May 2017) 

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