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Primary Literacy Programme – Reading and Writing (Key Stage 1) [ PLP -R/W (KS1)]

Since 2004, the NET Section has been offering primary schools comprehensive Primary Literacy Programmes in Reading [PLP-R (KS1)], and subsequently in Reading and Writing [PLP-R/W (KS1)]. These literacy programmes adopt a holistic approach to language learning, incorporating the four skills and with an emphasis on reading and writing. They are now being used extensively throughout Hong Kong. The 2004 English Language Curriculum Guide (ELCG) continues to be the basis for the on-going development of the NET Section's primary literacy programmes. 

Both PLP-R and PLP-R/W place heavy emphasis not only on students’ literacy development, but also on teachers’ professional development which aims to equip teachers with a wider repertoire of teaching strategies. As effective and innovative classroom practises are not sustainable without a thorough understanding of the rationale underlying the programmes, collecting teachers’ feedback on the implementation of these programmes has been invaluable. This process also exemplifies the importance of the tripartite partnership between the local English teachers (LETs), the NET and the Advisory Teacher.

ETV Programme: Developing Literacy - A Whole School Approach 

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