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Key Stage 2 Resources

Teachers of Key Stage 2 (KS2) are invited to use the many teaching materials and resources of the Key Stage 2 Integration Programme (KIP).

KIP Units and Resources are Available for All KS2 teachers

The KIP is a primary literacy programme for P4, P5 and P6 classes. KIP has been replaced by the enhanced version of Keys 2 Literacy Development (Keys2).

However, all schools may access and use the KIP units and/or resources to support their school-based curriculum needs if they do not wish to join Keys2.

A Text-type and Text-grammar Approach

The programme is based on authentic literature and uses a text-type approach, which supports text grammar (grammar in context). Units assist students to read and write a variety of text types effectively:

  • narrative, e.g. poem, recount, story, tale, description, script, biography, diary
  • information, e.g. report, list, notice, brochure, timetable
  • persuasive, e.g. advertisement, debate, argument
  • procedural, e.g. recipe, instructions
  • exchange, e.g.  letter, email.​​

Teaching Strategies

The programme materials include units that offer detailed support for students and teachers in:

  • shared reading
  • reading aloud
  • process writing (including cooperative learning).

Detailed advice for teachers includes:

  • co-planning support
  • textbook adaptation and programming (integration)
  • assessment of reading and writing tasks
  • implementing a guided reading programme
  • implementing a home reading programme.

Units (Workshops)

The KIP units of work are called ‘workshops’ as they aim to fulfil the 40% English workshop per week required by the English Language Curriculum Guide (2004).

Teachers may use the units as a stand-alone teaching resource or choose a variety that fits the school’s needs.


The units and resources (including posters, student booklets and vocabulary PowerPoints) support the KIP workshops but may also be used for other English language purposes.


To view available KIP units and resources for use in KS2, click here.

To enhance the teaching content, teachers can exercise their professional judgment and consult relevant scholarly work when adopting the learning and teaching resources prepared by educators and other teachers. In support of the implementation of the English Language Education KLA Curriculum, teachers can also select appropriate parts of the resources for classroom learning or extended learning based on pedagogical consideration and the learning needs of students.

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