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About the Competition

Description of the Competition

Students work in teams of 4 to 6 to create and perform a 4-5 minute radio drama on a given stimulus. According to the social distancing measures in place, teachers can arrange team practices in a face-to-face setting or online setting via video conferencing. Teams are strongly encouraged to use improvisation techniques in the preparation of their radio dramas.

Competition sessions will be held with online video conferencing in June. At the competition sessions, the radio drama will be performed, teams will share what they have learnt from their experience in the competition, judges will adjudicate the winners and prizes will be announced. Just like for practice sessions, performance team members can be gathered in one classroom or they can gather virtually online.

There are two categories for the competition, a ‘1-day’ category and a ‘2-week’ category.

  • In Speak Up – Act Out! On Air! 1 Day (SU-AO! On Air! 1 Day), students work in teams of 4 to 6 and are given 90 minutes to create, without teacher supervision, a 4-to-5-minute radio drama and then perform it live with online video conferencing.  This category adds a higher level of challenge to the competition.  Each team will perform at one competition session with 7 to 10 other schools. This category is limited to one competition session, held on a Saturday morning. A practice session, mandatory for teachers joining this category for the first time, will be organised 2 – 3 weeks before the competition session to familiarise the participating teams with the format and expectations of the competition.
  • In Speak Up – Act Out! On Air! 2 Weeks (SU-AO! On Air! 2 Weeks) students will be given approximately 14 calendar days to create a 4-to-5-minute radio drama on a given stimulus under the supervision of their teacher. Each team consists of 4 to 6 performers plus up to 4 other students who may have helped to prepare for the performance (in capacity as a director, writer or deviser). Each team will perform at one competition session with 7 to 10 other schools. The competition sessions will be held on a morning or afternoon on a weekday.

Please carefully read the Conditions and Regulations.

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