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About the Competition



The Speak Up – Act Out Drama Competition 2023/24 is organised by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau.


Drama provides students with greater exposure to authentic English and provides opportunities for students to use English creatively, contributing to whole-person development.

The aims of the Speak Up – Act Out Drama Competition are to empower students to use drama both within and beyond the English language classroom to:

  • develop their English language skills through an exploration of situations, characters, ideas and feelings;
  • express themselves spontaneously, confidently and creatively in English, using both physical and vocal expression;
  • develop their collaboration skills, communication skills, and creativity; and
  • develop positive values and attitudes, e.g. perseverance, respect for others, commitment, care for others, and empathy.

Description of the Competition

Speak Up – Act Out is open to secondary schools in Hong Kong adopting the English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 6) (2017). Students work in teams of four to six to create and perform an English drama based on a given stimulus. There are two categories in the competition.

  • The Speak Up – Act Out Devised Drama category, in which teams are given approximately 10 school days to devise a drama performance of 4 – 5 minutes using improvised drama techniques. There will be around 12 teams at each session. The stimulus will be an image, which will be emailed to participating schools approximately 10 school days before each session. 
  • The Speak Up – Act Out Improvised Drama category, which will be held on a Saturday. Teams prepare an improvised drama of 4 – 5 minutes in the morning and perform it in the afternoon. There will only be one session and places will be limited to 12 teams. The stimulus will be a line of dialogue, which will be given on the morning of the competition.

Please carefully read the Conditions and Regulations.

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play videoSpeak Up – Act Out 2023/24  Drama Competition Briefing Session video recording

Speak Up – Act Out 2023/24 Drama Competition Briefing Session video recording

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