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Rules and Roles

Schedule for video submission and adjudication:

•Video submission: any time from 14 March to 15 July 2022. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

•Schools will be grouped for adjudication. This will be done by a computerised lucky draw.

•The judging will be conducted from mid-July to late July 2022. Participating schools will be informed of their results by email, and a letter will be sent to the Principal of the winning schools by 12 August 2022. All competition results will be available on the e-platform.

•The prize-giving ceremony will be conducted either on 10-12 August or in early September 2022 (date and venue to be confirmed).

Submission of the video:

Step 1

The video should be in MP4 format.

Step 2

Title the video, e.g. ABC Primary School_The Three Little Pigs.

Step 3

Upload your school’s video to a folder in your school’s Google Drive.

Step 4

Submit the Google Drive link via NET Section’s Google Form. (

Step 5

Please make sure that the link you shared is set to “anyone with the link”.


Rules for video editing:

  • There should be no zooming in on the puppets while students’ performance is being video-recorded;
  • Special effects (see No. 3 of the judging criteria) can only be used during the video-recording of students’ performance and not after; and
  • The visual and sound quality should be good enough for adjudication purposes.

Remark: If schools do not follow the above rules, marks will be deducted.


  • Use the puppetry tent with real backdrops and props.
  • The tent may be borrowed from the NET Section ( or your school may purchase one.
  • As one of the activities in support of the Campaign on “Promoting Positive Values and Attitudes through English Sayings of Wisdom 2021/22”, the puppetry competition this year encourages participating schools to incorporate into their puppetry performance the campaign’s overarching theme of “Hope” or the sub-themes from “My Pledge to Act 2020/21” featured last year (i.e. “Be Grateful and Treasure What We Have, Stay Positive and Optimistic”).
  • For samples of the final product of the winners’ videos, please refer to this link:
  • Please take a photo of the five performing students with their puppets on their hands and the two teacher coordinators.
  • The photograph should be shot right after the video shooting and submitted with the video in the link.
  • Please refer to the above link for winners’ photos.

(1) Expectations


  • must send the EDB NET and one LET to attend the professional development workshop on puppetry in October 2021 and the cluster meeting in January 2022.


Teachers will need to:

  • participate fully in all puppetry activities at the professional development workshop;
  • use what they have learnt to prepare their students for the competition.


Students will need to:

  • participate fully in any training sessions organised by their teachers in preparation for the competition; and
  • participate in the competition by staging and performing a 5 to7 minute puppet show. 

(2) Conditions of Entry

  • The ‘Story to Stage’ entry form must be submitted between 25 August 2021 and 10 September 2021. Late applications will NOT be accepted.
  • If the competition is over-subscribed, the applicants will be selected through a lucky draw.
  • The story title and the team members’ names will be collected in January 2022, after the cluster meeting.
  • Certificates of Achievement will be distributed to the schools at the end of the competition.

(3) Student Participants

  • Each school can enter one team only.
  • A team consists of 5 puppeteers (performers). The team must be made up of students from Primary 4-6 (KS2).  All students involved should play a part in the performance.

(4) Performance

  • Only one teacher may stay backstage during the performance. 
  • Please note the penalties:

     1) 30 marks deduction for an extra teacher or student backstage.

     2) 10 marks will be deducted for every minute or part of a minute over or under in performance time.

(5) Preparation

  • Teams may use commercial and/or hand-made puppets.
  • Teams should practise setting up to avoid time penalties.
  • Scripts should be practised, revised and refined prior to the competition.
  • Time your performance to avoid penalties.
  • Teams must provide their own music/sound effects.
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