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NET Section Bytesize

NET Section Bytesize is aimed as a short series of tips and solutions to respond to common challenges that schools, learners and teachers are facing in Hong Kong right now. It will aim to provide both digital and conventional ideas in response to a fast changing classroom environment. Rather than providing in-depth professional development which is well served by centralised professional development workshops and the PDNETwork platform, NET Section Bytesize is intended to provide informal but more immediate access to suggestions and good practices.

2022/23 s.y.

Click here to access Bytesize 1: Creating Instructional Videos

2021/22 s.y. 

Click here to access Bytesize 1: Values Education  

Click here to access Bytesize 2: Eye Health

Click here to access Bytesize 3: Learning-from-home "offline"

Click here to access Bytesize 4: Online Teaching Tools

Click here to access Bytesize 5: Getting Hands-on with Sounds and Letters 

Click here to access Bytesize 6: PDNETwork Online PD - How Teachers and Schools have Embraced the New Mode

2020/21 s.y.

Click here to access Bytesize 1: Teaching Guided Reading in the Socially Distanced Classroom  

Click here to access Bytesize 2: Reading Online

Click here to access Bytesize 3: Student Engagement in Socially Distanced Classrooms

Click here to access Bytesize 4: Using Google Jamboard in Online Lessons as an Interactive Tool

Click here to access Bytesize 5: Home Reading

Click here to access Bytesize 6: Teacher Self-care

Click here to access Bytesize 7: Zoom, One Year On

To enhance the teaching content, teachers can exercise their professional judgment and consult relevant scholarly work when adopting the learning and teaching resources prepared by educators and other teachers. In support of the implementation of the English Language Education KLA Curriculum, teachers can also select appropriate parts of the resources for classroom learning or extended learning based on pedagogical consideration and the learning needs of students.

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