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Read to Speak: Developing 21st Century Communication Skills through Interaction with Multigenre and Multimodal Texts

The objectives of the Seed project are to:

  • design units of work around multigenre and multimodal texts with structured interactive activities to promote oral communication and collaboration skills that enrich student learning;
  • help students explore the features of multigenre and multimodal texts focusing on those aspects that stimulate oral communication, e.g. the author’s intention, message and perspectives, audience, and techniques;
  • explore ways of selecting suitable multigenre and multimodal texts and using them to enhance students’ ability to make links across different areas of knowledge, to develop and evaluate ideas, as well as to apply these skills to the assigned oral communication tasks; and
  • support students in doing self and peer assessment for/as learning.

To find out more about this Seed project, please click here

On 8 June 2021, the project schools took part in an experience-sharing session organised to celebrate their achievements.  Please click here to access the slides presented by the project schools.

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