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Judging panels may include representatives from the NET Section, other Sections of the EDB, the EUO, RTHK and other media professionals as well as NETs. Entries will be assessed on originality, content, use of language and technical quality.


As part of our regular review and renewal of the competition, prizes and awards may vary from year to year. The particular prizes and awards on offer each year will be clearly stated in our conditions and regulations document. The assessment criteria for the various categories of prizes will include, though are not limited to:



Relevance to the topic and creative response

Use of language - ‘character’ (Fiction)


The dialogue reflects character development in a narrative and is intelligible, fluent with appropriate stress and intonation.


Use of language – ‘voice-over’ (Documentary)


The voice-over/narration is intelligible, fluent with appropriate stress and intonation.

Use of language – ‘subtitles’

The subtitles are legible, understandable, grammatically correct and in sequence with the voice-over narration/dialogue.


Best Overall Film: Primary
Innovation and originality, fluidity in storytelling and editing, entertainment appeal, quality of sound and cinematography.

There will be five (5) prizes in the primary section. The first three (3) will be awarded trophies and certificates. The 4th and 5th prizes will be awarded certificates of merit

Best Overall Film: Secondary
Innovation and originality, full exploration of theme and execution of concept, entertainment appeal, quality of sound, cinematography and editing, fluidity in storytelling. 

There will be two Best Overall Film: Secondary prizes. One for each of the two genres in each of the categories (Junior and Senior Secondary). In addition to the criteria above, adjudicators will also take into consideration:

      Fiction: use of dialogue and action, character development
      Documentary: interesting and varied input, narration

Technical Excellence: Secondary (Fiction / Documentary)
Ability to tell a story through variety of shots, editing, camera techniques
Best Actor: Primary and Secondary (Fiction)
Characterisation, interaction with other performers, interaction with camera, command of role

Best Ensemble Performance: Primary and Secondary (Fiction / Documentary)
Interaction, energy, enthusiasm, characterisation, ability to work as a whole to create a mood or tone

Please note: The decision of the judging panel will be considered final and no correspondence will be entered into after the results are announced.

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