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How do we create a text set unit?

Text sets build around themes that appeal to primary students and are closely relevant to their experiences.  Each theme begins with a focus question and a set of related guiding questions.  A focus question is the BIG question teachers hope that students can answer by the end of the unit. Guiding questions are the questions that guide students to answer the focus question. Guiding questions are usually scaffolded from literal to inferential to gradually encourage students think critically. Students explore these questions through reading relevant and challenging fiction and nonfiction, printed and digital selections.  As students read, they analyse, interpret, compare, and synthesise information from the selections, always focusing on the focus question.  In addition, students identify, practice, and apply specific critical thinking skills throughout their reading.  Students react to the guiding questions through writing prompts, group discussions, and independent projects as they read.   At the end of the reading experience, students respond to the focus question based on what they have learned.


Process for planning a unit - CLAP Model 


1. Choose a theme

2. Look for quality texts

3. Analyse and organise the resources

4. Plan the lessons

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