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Conditions and Regulations


  • Schools must choose one of the following topics. The topic may be the same or different for Rounds 1 and 2.
  • Teams must show evidence of research for their speeches.
  • Resources used for their research must be included in the presentation (e.g. PPT slides) used.
  • Topics are:

Science and Technology:

  • We can’t imagine life without it
  • The role of social media in our everyday life.


  • When times are tough
  • Manners matter

Arts, Culture and Humanities:

  • “Creativity takes courage”: Henri Matisse
  • What culture means to us

Current Affairs:

  • The media makes mistakes
  • Climate changes, life changes
  • Teachers are expected to encourage their students to research the topic as thoroughly as possible by reading relevant materials.

Conditions of Entry

  • The deadline for submission of entries is 5 p.m. Friday, 29 November, 2019.
  • The briefing session will provide teachers with competition details and regulations and introduce a few public speaking activities. Schools entering the competition must attend the briefing session.
  • There will be a mandatory workshop on teaching public speaking. Please refer to the EDB Training Calendar System (TCS) for online application, CDI020191394.
  • As the success of this pilot competition depends on the commitment of the participating schools, teams that pull out of the competition will not be eligible to enter the following year.
  • Schools will be expected to take part in school support. RNCs will visit the schools to offer different types of support, including consultation sessions, in-class support and school-based training workshops to teachers whenever appropriate.  

Students Participants

  • Each school can enter one team with 2 – 4 participants for Round 2 (finals).
  • The team can be made up of students from any year level or a combination of year levels.

Presentations in Round 2 (Finals)

  • Teams must arrive at least 10 minutes before the competition starts. Start and end times will be confirmed later.
  • Notes are allowed.
  • The speech must be 3 – 5 minutes.
  • The first bell will be rung at 3 minutes. A second bell will be rung twice at 5 minutes. The student speaking when the second bell is rung may finish their sentence. The team should then sit down. In this case, no marks will be deducted. If the delivery is less than 3 minutes or more than 5 minutes, marks will be deducted.
  • IT must be used to contribute to the speech. Video or animation is not allowed. IT sound effects are allowed, e.g. a bomb going off, a glass breaking.
  • Non-copyright music is allowed if it significantly contributes to the speech.
  • Small props are allowed if they significantly contribute to the speech.
  • The audience (teachers and students) will remain silent during the speeches. At the discretion of the organisers, marks may be deducted if any team members in the audience cause a disturbance. Mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent mode. 
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