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Conditions and Regulations


  • Schools must choose one of the following topics. The topic may be the same or different for Rounds 1 and 2.

Science and Technology:

  • We can’t imagine life without it
  • The role of social media in our everyday life.


  • When times are tough
  • Manners matter

Arts, Culture and Humanities:

  • “Creativity takes courage”: Henri Matisse
  • What culture means to us

Current Affairs:

  • The media makes mistakes
  • Climate changes, life changes
  • Teams must show evidence of research for their speeches.
  • Resources used for their research must be included in the presentation (e.g. PPT slides) used.
  • Teachers are expected to encourage their students to research the topic as thoroughly as possible by reading relevant materials.

Conditions of Entry

  • The deadline for submission of entries is 30 November 2020.
  • The briefing session will provide teachers with competition details and regulations and may introduce a few public speaking activities. Teachers who have attended previously are not required to attend.
  • There will be a mandatory workshop on teaching public speaking on 12 November 2020. Please refer to the EDB Training Calendar System (TCS) for online application.
  • Schools will be expected to take part in school support. RNCs will visit the schools to offer different types of support, including consultation sessions and school-based training workshops to teachers whenever appropriate.  The type of support will be negotiated between the teacher-in-charge and the RNC concerned.  

Students Participants

  • Each school can enter one team with 2 – 4 participants for Round 2 (Final).
  • The team can be made up of students from any year level or a combination of year levels.

Presentations in Round 2 (Final)

  • Teams must arrive at least 10 minutes before the competition starts. Start and end times will be confirmed later.
  • Limited notes of no more than 50 words are allowed. A palm card or mobile device is allowed.
  • The speech must be 3–5 minutes.
  • The first bell will be rung at 3 minutes. A second bell will be rung twice at 5 minutes. The student speaking when the second bell is rung may finish their sentence. The team should then sit down. In this case, no marks will be deducted.
  • IT must be used to contribute to the speech. Video or animation is not allowed. IT sound effects are allowed, e.g. a bomb going off, a glass breaking.
  • Non-copyright music is allowed if it significantly contributes to the speech.
  • Small props are allowed if they significantly contribute to the speech.
  • The audience (teachers and students) should be respectful of all speakers. Mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent mode. 
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