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About the Competition

The “Story to Stage” competition is presented by the NET Section of the Education Bureau. The Puppetry Team of the NET Section organises a professional development workshop and a cluster meeting for the teachers of each participating school. Professional advice will also be given to schools to help enrich the teaching and learning of English language through puppetry.  This competition supports our belief in catering for learner diversity by creating a variety of learning opportunities for students that foster the development of all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Puppetry is an effective and versatile learning tool with a unique approach to the development of literacy skills in a fun and engaging manner. In preparing for this competition, the native-speaking English teacher (NET) and a local English teacher (LET) will collaborate in training a team of five KS2 students to select a story, devise a script, design puppets and props and apply puppetry skills in their performance.

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