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From Critical Thinking To Critical Literacy

The RNCT organises a workshop called From Critical Thinking To Critical Literacy. The objectives are to:

  • explore the differences between critical thinking and critical literacy;

  • examine the role of critical thinking in the English Language curriculum;

  • investigate how critical thinking skills can be developed in the English Language classroom;

  • reflect on the relevance of critical literacy in English language learning in the 21st century; and

  • consider how critical literacy skills can be developed through reading and writing instruction

The interactive model of the reading process adapted from the English Language KLA Curriculum Guide (P1-P6) is the starting point in the workshop.




The workshop contrasts Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (Anderson and Krathwohl, 2001) as a theoretical framework for critical thinking with the Four Resources Model of literacy (Freebody and Luke, 1990) as a framework for critical literacy.





The following slide illustrates how critical literacy works as readers “read the word and the world” (Paolo Freire).


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