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Rules and Roles


Regulations for Both Categories

  • The drama performed must be based on the given stimulus.
  • Teams will be notified of the date and venue of their competition session as soon as possible. Teams must arrive at least 15 minutes before the competition starts. Start and end times will be confirmed later.
  • No written scripts are allowed during the performance.
  • All team members must be involved equally (or almost equally) in the performance.
  • All team members must wear black tops, dark trousers, and low-heeled shoes. No singlet tops are permitted for boys or girls.
  • In order to encourage good dramatic development, a narrator is not encouraged. A few seconds of narration only (by a character) may be useful. Extended use of a narrator will be penalised by judges.
  • The performance must be completed within 4 – 5 minutes for the 1-week Improv category and 3 – 4 minutes for the 1-day Improv category. A warning bell will be rung once at 1 minute before the end of the permitted time and a final bell twice at the end of the permitted time. If the student speaking when the final bell is rung stops immediately and the team leaves the stage, then no marks will be deducted. If the performance is less than the permitted time, marks will be deducted and eligibility for a prize will be affected. NET Section Drama Competitions ‘Speak Out – Act Up!’ Improvised Drama Competition 2018/19 NET Section, CDI, EDB 4
  • The focus is on improvised drama, so lighting effects, music, costumes, props, set and make-up are not permitted. Only two chairs will be provided for the performance. The audience (teachers and students) must watch all the performances respectfully and mobile phones must be switched off. Marks will be deducted after one warning if teams in the audience disturb a performance.
  • While judges are adjudicating the 1-week Improv, there may be time for teams to stage a second performance, based on the stimulus not initially selected.


Conditions of Entry

Regulations for 1-week Improv Category

  • Schools may be asked to change venues if numbers are uneven.
  • Two stimuli for the improvised dramas will be sent to the contact teacher at each school by email 7 calendar days before the competition session at which the school is performing. One of those two stimuli will be chosen by ‘lucky draw’ on the day and the team given 5-minutes’ rehearsal time before their performance.

The Theme of the Performance

Regulations for 1-day Improv Category

  • This competition session is divided into two parts:
    • a 3.5-hour morning preparation period; and,
    • an afternoon sharing of the performances.
  • The morning preparation period is for students only and teachers are permitted only to escort the students to the venue. Teams will be supervised by NET Section staff. Access to the Internet is not permitted and students will be asked to hand in all mobile phones, tablets or computers until the end of the performance.
  • The students will be given a time framework to help them to develop their drama and be ready for the afternoon. They will be given reminders of this by NET Section staff. No feedback will be given on their drama.
  • Students will need to stay in the venue at lunchtime and should bring a packed lunch.
  • The stimuli will be distributed to each team at the beginning of the morning preparation period.
  • A teacher for each team must attend the afternoon performance session but will not be allowed to communicate with their students until all the performances have finished.

Student Participants

Summary of the Differences between Categories for ‘Speak Out – Act Up!’

1-day Improv

1-week Improv

Teams are given…

a morning to prepare

7 days to prepare

Teams perform…

on the same day, in the afternoon

on the competition days assigned to each school

Can teachers guide the students in their preparation?



How many teams perform on the competition day?

Up to 12 teams


How many sessions are there?

Only 1 this year as it is a pilot programme

Up to 6 sessions

Can a school enter both categories? 

Yes.  And with the same team or different teams.

Each school can enter one team only with 4 to 6 participants.

  • The team can be made up of students from any year level or a combination of year levels.
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