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Parent-child Division (NEW)

Filmmaking offers a unique avenue for students to delve into the art of storytelling and creative use of English while honing their generic skills such as creativity, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. 

This mini-resource is designed to spark creativity for all learners, and to provide a fun and engaging experience for students and their parents/guardians to learn together as families. We cordially invite parents/guardians and children to embark on an exciting filmmaking journey through learning how to use even the basic camera shots and the significance of using them to form a clear and cohesive narrative,  emphasise specific moments in their films and add depth and visual impact to their creations.

What else offers budding filmmakers an excellent chance to apply their knowledge and skills in filmmaking? We encourage parents and children to join hands and showcase their talents by entering the new Parent-child Division of the highly-anticipated Filmit Competition! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bond, collaborate, and create captivating films that reflect their shared vision and creativity under the theme of “Symphony of Love and Growth”.  ACTION! 

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To enhance the teaching content, teachers can exercise their professional judgment and consult relevant scholarly work when adopting the learning and teaching resources prepared by educators and other teachers. In support of the implementation of the English Language Education KLA Curriculum, teachers can also select appropriate parts of the resources for classroom learning or extended learning based on pedagogical consideration and the learning needs of students.

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