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Learning Hubs for Secondary Schools

What are Learning Hubs?

  • A new feature of school support offered by the Regional NET Coordinating Team (RNCT) of the NET Section.
  • Learning Hubs are developed with a view to creating both physical and virtual learning spaces for English teachers to explore diverse topics in innovating learning and teaching (L&T) practices and to promote effective instructional strategies in support of the EDB’s curriculum initiatives.


Three Learning Hubs

Speaking Hub

- Empower Effective Communication

Thinking Routines Hub

- Unlock the Power of 21st Century Skills

Pedagogy Resource Hub

- Expand Your Teaching Repertoire

Speaking Hub icon Thinking routines hub icon

This learning hub is designed to give English teachers a practical way to share ideas, design lessons and implement activities with classes to enhance students’ confidence, accuracy and fluency when it comes to communication.

For those of you who would like to discover innovative strategies and practical techniques to help students develop higher-order thinking skills, this learning hub offers a systematic approach to implementing thinking skills in creativity, analysis and evaluation for deep and lifelong learning.

This learning hub focuses on textbook adaptation strategies and resources that enrich textbook materials for a time-efficient approach to addressing learning objectives. This time-efficient approach will work towards a fully integrated curriculum. Join this learning hub for fresh insights and practical tips to create an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Please click here for the hub introduction video

Please click here for the hub introduction video

Please click here for the hub introduction video



To enhance the teaching content, teachers can exercise their professional judgment and consult relevant scholarly work when adopting the learning and teaching resources prepared by educators and other teachers. In support of the implementation of the English Language Education KLA Curriculum, teachers can also select appropriate parts of the resources for classroom learning or extended learning based on pedagogical consideration and the learning needs of students.

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