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Units of Work (Workshops) Sequences and Overviews

If teachers have a specific English topic, skill, strategy or language item/s they wish to teach, they can view the units of work (workshops) sequences and overviews. First, locate the focus items in the unit sequences or overviews. From there, find the relevant unit/s to peruse for ideas, lesson plans and resources.

There is no need to be dictated by the assigned year levels: the topics, content and strategies taught in the units are transferrable across year levels. Teachers are invited to look beyond the designated year level on the unit when seeking inspiration.

Units of Work (Workshops) Sequences

The unit sequences provide basic information about the units, e.g. book title, teaching strategy for reading or writing, focus text type (for the final writing task), and the reading and writing unit connection.

Units of Work (Workshops) Overviews

The unit overviews provide detailed information about the content of the units. This includes: theme, text type, main task and learning outcomes, teaching strategies, and detailed content (specific reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; and language items such as phonics, vocabulary, text grammar, syntax, and more).

For information about integrating the units and the textbook, and programming, see the KIP Teacher Manual: Section 14.  

To enhance the teaching content, teachers can exercise their professional judgment and consult relevant scholarly work when adopting the learning and teaching resources prepared by educators and other teachers. In support of the implementation of the English Language Education KLA Curriculum, teachers can also select appropriate parts of the resources for classroom learning or extended learning based on pedagogical consideration and the learning needs of students.

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