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Schedule of Events and Submission Deadlines


Event or Deadline

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Mid-September 2021

Invitation to take part in

Time to Talk

Email/fax from the NET Section

  Late September 2021

Conditions and Regulations on EDB website and NET Scheme e-Platform

Conditions and Regulations

23 September 2021 

3.00 p.m. – 3.55 p.m. 


Briefing session (online)

EDB Training Calendar System (TCS) notification – online application 

(Course Code: CDI020211660)

11 November 2021



Public speaking workshop for teachers: Competitions Series: Speaking with Purpose – From Public Speaking to Teaching Public Speaking
(Re-run) (Blended)

EDB Training Calendar System (TCS) notification – online application (around 1 month before event)

30 November 2021

Deadline for submission of entries

Time to Talk Competition Entry Form

  December 2021 to March 2022

Round 1 to be held in schools


17 March 2021


21st  Century Literacy Skills Series: Developing Effective Oral Communicative Skills in English Classes with a Diverse Range of Learning Needs (Re-run) (Blended)

EDB Training Calendar System

(TCS) notification/online application (around 1 month before event)

(Course Code: TBC)

On the day of the competition session  

Submission of ‘Permission for the Use of Image’ form and ‘Pledge and Team Name List’ form

‘Permission for the Use of Image’ form and ‘Pledge and Team Name List’ form

May 2022

Competitions and prize-giving ceremonies

Email from the NET Section, CDI, EDB, to notify schools of the confirmed date(s)




  • are strongly encouraged to send one or two English teachers new to the competition to attend the competition briefing session on 23 September 2021;
  • are strongly encouraged to send one or preferably two English teachers (one of whom may be the NET) to attend the professional development workshop on public speaking on 11 November 2021; and
  • send one or two teacher(s) to escort students to the competition finals in May 2022 (date TBC).

Teachers will need to:

  • attend the briefing session on 23 September 2021;
  • hand out and collect parental consent forms for the NET Section to take images of students for later possible use for educational purposes and for uploading to the Internet;
  • participate fully in all public speaking activities at the professional development workshop;
  • use what they have learnt to prepare their students for the competition;
  • meet a Regional NET Coordinator (RNC) at their school for school support;
  • organise a Round 1 at their schools (or between schools); and
  • ensure that students are escorted to, and supervised at, Rounds 1 and 2 of the competition.

Students will need to:

  • participate fully in any training sessions organised by their teachers in preparation for the competition;
  • participate in Round 1of the competition at their school (or between schools); and
  • take part in the competition by giving a public speech, in a team, for 3 – 5 minutes on one date in mid-May 2022.
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