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Schedule of Events



13 February

2020 (TBC)

Workshop on Filmit: From Film Appreciation to the Making and Production of Short Films (for PRIMARY teachers and students)

14 February 2020 (TBC)

Workshops on Filmit: From Film Appreciation to the Making and Production of Short Films (for SECONDARY teachers and students)

29 February 2020

FilmLab for Teachers (co-organised by Chinese International School) (New)

March 2020



A series of Technical Workshops (covering editing, lighting, acting, etc)


28 March 2020

FilmLab for Students (co-organised by Chinese International School)

15 May 2020

Deadline for submission of entries and completed accompanying forms

7 July 2020 (2:30-4:30 p.m.)

Filmit 2020 Awards Ceremony

7 July – 30 August 2020

Exhibition of students’ winning films at the Young Achievers’ Gallery, Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre



European Union Film Festival 2021

(Showcasing Filmit 2020 winning films during the European Union Film Festival)


Workshops for Teachers and Students (optional)

  • Filmit: From Film Appreciation to the Making and Production of Short Films is an introductory workshop for teachers and students that will be conducted in February 2020 (9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at the Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, 19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon. Two sessions will be offered: one for primary teachers and students and another one for secondary teachers and students. Please refer to the TCS for on-line application for the training workshop closer to the time.

These workshops allow teachers to bring one or two students. If teachers want to bring more than 2 students they must consult the organiser (see contact details below).

This is an opportunity for teachers and students to learn about films and filmmaking and to have the input of local media professionals and filmmakers.

  • A series of technical workshops will be offered in February and March 2020 in response to teachers’ and students’ interest in filmmaking techniques.  These techniques will cover editing, lighting, acting, etc. Details about these workshops will be provided on this page closer to the time.


  • FilmLab@CIS for Teachers is a new workshop designed specifically for teachers and will focus on making a film for the new One-minute category. It is scheduled for Saturday, 29 February 2020 (time to be confirmed).


  • FilmLab@CIS for Students provides opportunities for Filmit teams to seek assistance from International Baccalaureate (IB) Film and Media students with different aspects of their film making process (from idea generation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, shot listing and filming to the finishing touches of film editing). This will give students an opportunity to gain more film making insight and expertise as well as to interact in English with Hong Kong IB students. This will be held on Saturday, March 28 2020.


For any enquiry, please contact Mr William CHENG at 3549 8339 (Tel. No.) or (email).  

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