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Conditions and Regulations


Symphony of Love and Growth

In line with the Values Education Curriculum Framework (pilot version) (2021) and the overarching theme, "In Love We Share, In Love We Grow" of the Campaign on “Promoting Positive Values and Attitudes through English Sayings of Wisdom 2023/24,” the theme of Filmit 2024 is Symphony of Love and Growth. With this theme in mind, participants are encouraged to create a short film that explores any of the following aspects: Love for Our Country, Love for Nature, Love for Family and Friends, Love for Learning. 

Divisions and Categories

In the Filmit 2024 competition, there are three divisions:

  • Primary Division
  • Secondary Division
  • Parent-child Division

The competition also has several categories:

  1. One-Minute Film (Primary and Secondary Divisions): The emphasis in this category is on the promotion of the theme Symphony of Love and Growth through a one-minute film. The film can be fictional, informational and/or persuasive. While film genres such as advertisements and social media posts would be appropriate, other genres may also be suitable. Students should be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination. The film must be no longer than one minute in duration.
  2. Fiction Film (Primary and Secondary Divisions): A Filmit 2024 fiction film is a short narrative film based on the theme Symphony of Love and Growth. It involves one or more fictional characters who face a conflict or a problem. The character(s) work to resolve the conflict/problem, and in doing so experience some kind of change. The narrative structure should be clearly developed (e.g. orientation, complication, climax, resolution). Narrative techniques, such as foreshadowing, flashback and flash forward, can also be incorporated. The film must be 3 – 5 minutes in duration.
  1. Documentary (Secondary Division only): A Filmit 2024 documentary film is an informational exploration of the theme Symphony of Love and Growth, which involves real or actual events or information. Evidence of research and sources of information should be included. The film must be 3 – 5 minutes in duration.​
  2. Short Film (Parent-child Division only): Like the one-minute film, a short film can be fictional, informational and/or persuasive. The film must be an exploration of the theme of Symphony of Love and Growth involving students interacting with their parents/guardians. It must be 1 – 3 minutes in duration.​

Poster Design Competition (optional)

In the Primary and Secondary divisions, teams that submit an entry for Filmit 2024 may also enter the Poster Design Competition. The poster should be based on the main message in the film entry and must include the title of the film and the school name. Teams might also consider including the names of students who play an acting role on the poster.

A brief  description of the poster design, including how the poster reflects the message of the film and the theme of the competition, should be submitted with the poster design (100 – 200 words). 

Conditions of Entry (For all divisions)

  • Teams must be comprised of 3 – 8 members. If more than 8 students contribute to the production of the film, only the eight members listed in the entry form will be awarded prizes and certificates.
  • Students can contribute to more than one film entry/category.
  • There is no limit to the number of film entries submitted by each school.
  • The entries will be classified as follows:




Parent-child Division


-One-minute Film


-Poster Design (optional)

-One-miniute Film



-Poster Design (optional)


-Short Film



P1-P6 students

S1-S6 students

P1-S6 students and their parents/guardians


  • Prizes will be awarded for Best Poster Design in both the Primary and Secondary divisions of the competition, but not in the Parent-child division.
  • Teachers-in-charge must comply with the following conditions when submitting their entry/entries:
  • All files for each entry must be uploaded to a folder in a Google Drive account (either a personal or school account). Please ensure access right settings is set as "Anyone with the link".
  • The folder must be accessible until 30 August 2024 (Friday). Please contact the organisers at and if changes have been made.
  • The link of Google Drive folder must be shared with the NET Section via the Microsoft Form. Each folder must include the following documents:

 - School Pledge and Use of Images Permission Form
 - Use of Images Permission Forms (for parents)
 - The film entry in MP4 format
 - The poster entry in portrait orientation and JPEG or PNG format with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi (if applicable)

  • The title of each file must contain the school name followed by the name of the file, as follows:

 - School name_School Pledge and Permission Form
 - School name_Permission Forms (for parents)
 - School name_Film title
 - School name_Film title_poster (if applicable)

  • Entries must be original, with the script, voice-over and subtitles, and film footage created wholly by the students (or together with their parents/guardians, if applicable).
  • A title frame, English subtitles and end credits must be included, detailing the name of the school and listing the students involved in the project and their roles/area(s) of responsibility.
  • Entries for the Fiction and Documentary categories must be within 3 – 5 minutes, entries for the Short film category in the Parent-child division must be within 1 - 3 minutes, and entries for the One-minute category must be within 1 minute. These limits exclude the title and credits.
  • To avoid using copyright-protected music or sound effects, teams are encouraged to create original soundtracks and to acknowledge themselves in the credits. Alternatively, students may use copyright-friendly music and sound effects available through the Creative Commons (See: as long as they abide by the licensing agreements and properly reference the sources in the credits of the film.
  • The deadline for submission is 17 May 2024 (Friday).
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