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Conditions and Regulations


Diversity: Celebrating A World of Difference


Filmit 2021 includes the following categories of competitions:

  1. Fiction

A fiction film is a narrative based on a theme that involves fictional character(s) facing a situation/challenge/problem and resolving it. A story structure should be clearly developed (i.e. orientation, complication, resolution).

  1. Documentary (Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections only)

A documentary film is an exploration of a theme that records real or actual events/information. Evidence of research and source of information should be included.

  1. One-Minute Film (Secondary only)

This is a new category being piloted in the 2020/21 s.y. A fiction or documentary film that explores a theme and expresses a message using the English language within one minute. (Pilot in 2021) 

  1. Poster Design

This is a new category in the 2020/21 s.y. to recognise the artistic and creative talents of students in film poster design. Teams submitting films for Filmit 2021 may also enter the poster design competition.The poster design should be based on the submitted film and must include the title of the film and the school name.It should also relate to the main message in their film.

Conditions of Entry (Primary & Secondary)

Please note: Care must be taken not to include any copyright-protected material in the entry. This includes music soundtracks and/or published texts.

  • Schools can submit a maximum of FIVE entries.

  • Each student may contribute to one film entry only.

  • Each entry will be classified as follows:

    1. Primary: P1-P6 students

    2. Junior Secondary: S1-S3 students*



    3. Senior Secondary: S4-S6 students*



    4. Secondary: S1-S6 students

      One-minute Film

    5. Primary and Secondary

      Poster Design Competition

*Please note: If a team entered contains both Junior and Senior Secondary students, they will be entered in the Senior Secondary category.

  • Teachers-in-charge must be aware of and comply with the following conditions when submitting their students’ work:

  • Each entry and the following documents must be uploaded to a folder in your own or your school's Google Drive and then shared with the NET Section via a link in this Google Form:

    1. Entry Form (School name_Entry Form);

    2. Use of Images Permission Form (Parents) (School name_Parent Permission Form);

    3. Use of Images Permission Form (School) (School name_School Permission Form); 

    4. Pledge Form (School name_Pledge Form);

    5. The video (School name_Video title); and 

    6. The poster design, if relevant (School name_video title_poster).

  • Paste the web link generated into the Google Form.

  • Entries should be in MP4.

  • Entries must be original with the script, voice-over and subtitles created wholly by the students.

  • A title frame and end credits must be added, detailing the name of the school and listing the students involved in the project and their area(s) of responsibility. These frames are to fall outside the time limits.

  • The entry must be edited to no less than 3 and no more than 5 minutes for the fiction and documentary categories and to 1 minute only for the One-minute category (Secondary only). These limits exclude credits and will be enforced.

  • An original soundtrack may be added and acknowledged in the credits, though this is not essential.

  • Film poster design entries should be submitted in the JPEG format and included in the Google Folder along with the entry form, other documents and the film, and submitted via the Google Form.

  • The deadline for submission of the video and the accompanying forms is Friday, 21 May 2021.

  • Teachers are invited to arrange a visit to the EUO and/or a school visit from an EUO Officer to help generate ideas, develop a focus and access resources about the EU. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact Mr William CHENG at 3549 8339 or for further information.

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