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Bytesize 5: Home Reading

In the fifth NET Section Bytesize, we would like to address home reading and also give you some information regarding the migration of the NET Section storytelling videos. See below for the information.

A. Sending Hard Copies of Books Home for Home Reading  

By making careful safety precautions routine, sending home levelled readers to students to support the reading programme is a possibility.

While the PLP-R/W and Space Town small books and letter/sound books are available on the NET Section website and Space Town Go! for home reading, some schools have elected to continue to give out hard copies of books for various reasons.

In some cases schools are concerned that not all students have access to devices that would allow them to continue with their home reading programme or schools are not using online levelled reading programme such as RAZ Kids or EPIC.

Safety for Home Reading

In order to ensure home reading books are borrowed and returned to school safely the following measures could be used:

  • Students can borrow and return home readers from a designated spot (classroom, English Room, library) weekly.
  • A separate ziplock bag or pouch is used for the specific intent of transporting the home reader to and from school.
  • Students are asked to wash/sanitise their hands before and after reading a book and to wear a mask while reading.
  • On return to school, books will be sanitised and ‘quarantined’ before being returned into circulation.

Procedure for Home Reading

Please click here to download the Home Reading Card that can be laminated and included in the reading bag with visual reminders for parents and students on the steps to follow when reading books at home:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Wear your mask.
  3. Read your book.
  4. Put your book into your reading bag and into your school bag.
  5. Wash your hands.

During class suspension, parents or guardians can also collect and return the reading bags.

Also to complement the guided reading ‘lite’ videos, click here to download a home reading record designed specifically for the videos. The template includes links and instructions for students to follow and a place for students to record their reading experience.

B. NET Section Let Our Imagination Run Wild Storytelling Videos

The links to storytelling videos were updated to the new Educational Multimedia (EMM) Platform recently. The videos were migrated on 1 December 2020 and now include an enhanced version with the subtitles, etc. The videos have been very popular and have had thousands of views.

See below for the links to the EMM site. Three more videos are being finalised and should be available soon.

NET Scheme e-Platform:

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