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Reading across the Curriculum: Reading for Breadth and Depth

The “Seed” project, Reading across the Curriculum: Reading for Breadth and Depth (RaC), aims to explore ways to take students from learning to read to reading to learn while enhancing both academic language awareness and academic content awareness. It helps students establish meaningful links among concepts and ideas acquired in different Key Learning Areas. With meaningful contexts and extended learning experiences in the RaC units, students are expected to further develop their literacy skills, positive values and attitudes, and world knowledge.

The objectives of the Seed project are to:

  • enhance English teachers’ understanding of Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) and ability to integrate RaC into the school-based curriculum;
  • develop teachers’ ability to identify, select and use appropriate print and non-print texts of a variety of text types and themes to enhance students’ motivation and confidence in English language learning;
  • sharpen teachers’ skills in scaffolding their students’ reading, viewing, analysing and responding skills development;
  • expand teachers’ ability to design suitable learning, teaching and assessment activities to support students’ reading skills development and to engage them in appreciating the value of cross-curricular reading; and
  • develop teachers’ ability to identify opportunities for students to connect their learning in English lessons (e.g. reading strategies and topical knowledge) with their learning in other KLAs or everyday life experiences.

To find out more about this Seed project, please click here

On 5 June 2021, the project schools took part in an experience-sharing session organised to celebrate their achievements.  Please click here to access the slides presented by the project schools.

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