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About the Competition


The aims of the ‘Stories on Stage’ Drama Competition are to:

  • provide students with an opportunity to collaborate on writing a drama script based on a published short story and to perform it on stage for an interschool competition; and
  • provide teachers with teaching strategies and classroom activities suitable for teaching short stories, script writing and drama as part of the English Language Curriculum at the junior secondary (KS3) or senior secondary (KS4) level.


Description of the Competition

The ‘Stories on Stage’ Drama Competition is open to all students from secondary schools in Hong Kong offering the Senior Secondary English Language Curriculum.

The competition has two parts: 1) script writing; and 2) drama performance. Each team that enters the competition must have 2-8 student. 

  • 2-4 student writers (Student writers may also be actors.)
  • 2-8 student actors

The student writers are responsible for writing a drama script based on one of the published short stories selected for the competition.

The short stories are selected to cover a range of genres and themes that might appeal to students in Hong Kong. Schools may opt for a short story in their school-based curriculum on the condition that it meets the criteria for the competition, e.g. the story must be fictional, age-appropriate, adaptable for a staged performance, and should have at least three characters.

The student actors are responsible for performing the story on stage on the day of the competition.

Student writers and actors may be the same students or they may be different.


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