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Speak Up – Act Out! On Air! Improvised Drama Competition 2022/23


Speak Up – Act Out! On Air! Improvised Drama Competition (SU-AO! On Air!) 2022/23 is organised by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section, Curriculum Support Division (CSD), Education Bureau.

Aims and Values

We believe that practising drama is a powerful tool for learning and whole-person development. We want to empower students to use drama to:

  • explore situations, characters, ideas and feelings both inside and outside the classroom;
  • express themselves creatively in English, and through physical and vocal expression;
  • develop their self-esteem, creativity, communication skills and collaboration skills; and
  • develop positive attitudes and values and generic skills, e.g. perseverance, commitment, care for others and respect for fair play.


SU-AO! On Air! offers teachers and students the opportunity to:

  • be trained in drama that can be used inside and outside the classroom;
  • participate in a competition in which students can challenge themselves to perform improvised drama for an audience;
  • organise and participate in socially-distanced practice sessions if needed; and
  • participate in socially-distanced competition sessions which can proceed regardless of class suspension and limitations on group gatherings.


To find out more about Speak Up - Act Out! On Air! Improvised Drama Competition, please click here.

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