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Scene 5: Issue-based work with Object Theatre – green shopping TV advertisement

This scene covers:

  • an example of an issue-based Object Theatre performance

Resources needed:



1. Before watching

  • Follow the before-watching procedure to help prepare students to understand the content of the scene and some of the Object Theatre techniques.

2. While watching

  • Ask your students to read the questions first and think about them as they watch the scene. You will need to show them the video multiple times.


3. After watching

  • Ask your students to answer the after-watching questions.
  • As a final task after watching this scene, you could ask your students to make an advertisement for a product of their choice using Object Theatre. Instructions can be found in the worksheet. Other ideas for issue-based work can be found in the next section.
  • To facilitate self-evaluation and peer and teacher feedback, you can use the Performance Criteria for Object Theatre (Appendix 4)
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