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Scene 1: We go live...

This scene covers:

  • Understanding Object Theatre
  • Understanding why we should use Object Theatre with our students
  • Object Theatre exercises: ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘This is not a pen’

Resources needed:

  • A reasonably large open space for the drama activities.
  • 15 – 20 everyday objects that can be held in the hand. Variety is key. The number of objects depends on the group size but try to allow at least two objects per student with more choices being possible.


1. Before watching

Before watching Scene 1 of the video and starting work on Object Theatre, you should prepare your students for the content and style of work:

  • Elicit from your students their knowledge and experience of traditional puppetry. See Appendix 2 for a photocopiable worksheet: Scene 1: We go live... This can be done at the beginning of your first session or before it as a homework assignment.
  • Drama warm-up exercises to help create a good creative atmosphere and team spirit. A selection of seven drama activities can be found in Appendix 1: Drama Activities. These are given as examples only. Further resources are indicated in Appendix 1 and can be found online and in resource books.

2. While watching

Ask your students to read the questions first and think about them as they watch the scene.  You will need to show them the video multiple times.

3. After watching

We suggest two drama exercises from Appendix 1: Starter drama exercises to do after watching Scene 1: ‘Exercise 4: What are you doing?’ and ‘Exercise 5: This is not a pen!’ These exercises will give your students a mental warm up so that they will be in a creative mood and more receptive to the ideas of Object Theatre.

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