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Bytesize 6: PDNETwork Online PD - How Teachers and Schools have Embraced the New Mode

The past year has seen an increased awareness of the NET Section’s PDNETwork online learning platform This platform was redeveloped in the 2021-22 school year, with many new workshops and online functions for learners.

How has this new platform for professional development (PD) been embraced by teachers and schools in the past year?

Some statistics

The statistics below relate to completed workshops. Completed workshops are those that have been submitted by a teacher, approved and a PD certificate generated. (This is different to simply being enrolled.)

  • 1,761 teachers enrolled for PDNETwork workshops and 1,010 completed workshops.
  • The most popular workshops were – Matching Students to Book Levels and Catering for Students with SEN
  • The most workshops completed by a teacher was 10. Congratulations Ms LEE Nga Yu from YOT Tin Ka Ping Primary School!
  • Five teachers completed 9 workshops and six have completed 8 workshops. Well done!
  • The school teams which have completed the most workshops are: 


PDNETwork learner of the year

Congratulations to Ms LEE Nga Yu from YOT Tin Ka Ping Primary School. Asked about her experience of PDNETwork, Ms Yu explained:

“Learning via PDNET workshops is an amazing and joyful experience. Not only do the workshops provide teachers with basic concepts and knowledge, but they also show us plenty of comprehensive and practical teaching strategies. The slides as well as the teaching resources and videos illustrate explicitly how to conduct lessons and carry out activities which help to facilitate teaching and learning effectiveness.

The inspirations and reflections gained from the workshops help teachers to get students fully engaged in the lessons and create a fruitful, fun and meaningful English-rich environment.”

Ways schools have embraced online PD through PDNETwork

Interviews with school leaders, teachers and advisory teachers (ATs) revealed a number of strategies that increased completion of PDNETwork workshops. These success strategies were:

  1. All teachers do a pre-requisite PDNETwork workshop before a school-based workshop by the AT
  2. All teachers do a pre-requisite PDNETwork workshop before revising the school English programme
  3. All English teachers are set a challenge to achieve at least one PDNETwork workshop in a term
  4. Teachers experience a PDNETwork workshop together
  5. Non-Chinese speaking teachers complete a PDNETwork workshop during school PD days and meetings
  6. Teachers do a PDNETwork at government and sponsoring body PD days, especially for non-Chinese speaking teachers
  7. New teachers in Primary Literacy Programmes (PLPs) do foundation workshops while teaching the PLP.

Could these strategies work for your school? Find out how

The CDI policy for teacher PD can be found here at:

To find out how schools and advisory teachers have collaborated to embrace PDNETwork as a flexible and valued form of PD in schools, click here (PDNETwork School PD Success Strategies PDF document).


Success ingredients


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