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Conditions and Regulations

Conditions for Entry

  • The Stories on Stage Audio Drama Competition is open to secondary schools in Hong Kong adopting the CDC English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum (Primary 1 – Secondary 6).
  • Eligible schools interested in entering the competition are strongly encouraged to send at least one teacher to the NET Section Competitions Briefing Session.
  • As the NET Section competitions adopt the ‘train the trainer’ model, schools that are new to the Stories on Stage competitions (which in previous years was run either as a drama competition or as a script writing and dramatic reading competition) must send at least one teacher to the Adapting Short Stories for Audio Drama professional development workshop.
  • Schools may enter up to three teams in the competition and must submit a separate entry form for each team by the entry deadline. Teams from the same school will be designated Team A, Team B, Team C.
  • The members of each team will work together to: a) write a drama script based on the short story selected for the competition; and b) record an audio drama of the drama script.


  • Each team must have two to four students from the same year level or from different year levels.
  • Each team must select a short story from the list provided in the entry form or another short story, preferably from the school-based English curriculum, that meets the criteria for the competition, e.g. a short story that is fictional, age-appropriate and adaptable for an audio drama.
  • The script must have a title and page numbers and must be typed with a standard 12 pt. font, 1.15 line spacing and normal margins (top/bottom: 2.54 cm; left/right: 3.18 cm) in Microsoft Word.
  • The recording must be in MP3 format.
  • Recordings must be within 5 – 8 minutes. Recordings that are less than 5 minutes or more than 8 minutes will be penalised.
  • Students must observe social distancing requirements when recording.
  • Students must deliver their lines in English.
  • Copyright free sound effects are permitted.
  • The school name must not appear in the drama script or in the sound file.
  • Each team must submit the online pledge form (Google Form), the audio drama script and the sound file (MP3 format) on or before the submission deadline.


The judging panels will include representatives from the EDB, creative writing or drama instructors and front-line English teachers with a background in creative writing or drama.

The audio drama scripts should follow the conventions of script writing and include:

  • a cast of characters with a brief description of each character, e.g. gender, age, anything else essential to casting;
  • notes on background music and sound effects that set the scene(s) and inform the audience about the setting and the actions of the characters;
  • directives on how the characters feel or act while delivering their lines; and
  • lines of dialogue that reveal the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the characters and that move the action of the story forward.

Narration should only be used sparingly if needed.

Students will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Audio drama script

The cast of characters is clear; the narration is concise and informative; the directives on how the characters deliver their lines are helpful; the lines of dialogue reveal the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the characters and move the action of the story forward; notes on background music and sound effects are appropriate.


The script is a creative adaptation of the original story and contains appropriate use of vocabulary, expressions and grammar. It is accurate in spelling and mechanics.


  1. Audio drama performance

The audio drama performance is accurate, fluent, expressive and dramatic; the background music and sound effects are appropriate and enhance the overall performance. The students work well together as a team.



Note: The decision of the judging panel will be considered final. No correspondence will be entered into after the results are announced.


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