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New Elements to the Competition 2019/20

There are 4 new elements to the competition this year:

  • For the 1-week Improv category:
    1. Up to 4 other students who have assisted with the preparation for the performance (in capacity as a director, writer or deviser) can be recognised and awarded certificates.
    2. In order to challenge students, there will not be a 5-minute preparation period in the 1-week Improv category (see Section 8.3).
  • For both categories:
    1. The focus for 2019/20 will be ‘use of voice’ which will receive a bonus mark of up to 10 points.
    2. Teachers-in-charge must submit the ‘Permission for the use of images’ form prior to their competition session (by email) or on the day of the competition (on hard copy).  The team will receive a 20-point penalty for failure to submit these documents on time.
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