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Competition information for accepted school

“Story to Stage” Puppetry Competition for Primary Schools
Competition Information 2018/19

Competition Objectives

Give teachers and students the opportunity to:
• explore and innovate on a range of text types to produce a script.
• collaborate as a team to create and produce a puppetry performance.
• explore a range of puppet making techniques.
• learn, develop and apply puppetry skills.
• use puppetry as a tool to enhance English language skills.

Competition Rules

• Only one KS2 team of five students per school.
• All students must be involved in a 5-7 minute performance in the puppetry tent.
• Only one teacher is permitted back stage to support the performance.
• Performances under 5 minutes and over 7 minutes will be penalised.

Teachers’ Role

• Allocate a school-based budget of approximately HK$1000 (recycled materials are highly recommended).
• Use self-made and/or commercially made puppets.
• Liaise with your Advisory Teacher to reserve the puppetry tent for rehearsals.
• Attend Centralised Professional Development sessions in October 2018 and the Cluster Meeting in January 2019.
• Please access the webpage on the puppetry competition for more details via this link:
• Timetable a regular practice schedule (start early!).
• Teach students puppetry skills.
• Assist students with creative script-writing, puppet and backdrop design.
• Two teachers are required to escort and supervise the team on the Competition Day.

Competition Day Information

• We will inform you about the venue, your performance date and time later.

Judging Criteria

1. Language
• Script
• Range of vocabulary
• Pronunciation and fluency
• Expression in voice and audibility
• Appropriateness
2. Puppetry
• Puppetry technique
• Puppet design and relevance
• Props and background
• Dramatic technique
• Special effects

Prizes and Awards

• First Prize Trophy
• Second Prize Trophy
• Third Prize Trophy
• Merit Award
• All participants will receive a certificate!

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Patricia WONG at 3549 8333 or .

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