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Stories on Stage Audio Drama Competition 2021/22


The Stories on Stage Audio Drama Competition is organised by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau.



The aims of the Stories on Stage Audio Drama Competition are to:

  • provide students with an opportunity to collaborate on writing an audio drama script based on a short story and to perform it;
  • provide teachers with teaching strategies suitable for teaching English through short stories, script writing and dramatic reading as part of the English Language Curriculum at the junior secondary (KS3) or senior secondary (KS4) level; and 
  • provide both students and teachers with opportunities to explore and reinforce positive values such as optimism, proactivity, gratitude and respect through the choice of short stories and the competition process of collaboration, creativity and negotiation.


For information about the Stories on Stage Audio Drama Competition, please click here.

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