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Developing Junior Secondary Students' Capability to Understand, Respond to and Create Multimodal Texts in English

This two-year Seed project aims to explore how to make effective use of “multimodal texts” in the school-based English Language curriculum at Key Stages 3 & 4.

Multimodal texts involve the strategic, purposeful use of two or more modes of communication to make meaning. A text with different modes of communication could include images, gestures, music, spoken language and/or written language. Traditional print texts, like illustrated books, posters and comics, are all examples of multimodal texts. The growth of digital communication technologies, however, exposes students to a far wider range and variety of multimodal texts, including e-posters, infographics, web pages, social media posts, animations, video games and film. English language teachers must, therefore, be equipped with an understanding of multimodal literacy in order to prepare their students for the challenge of multimodal communication.

The objectives of the Seed project are to:

  • engage teachers in curriculum planning and task design with a focus on integrating multimodal texts into the school-based English Language curriculum;
  • enhance teachers' multimodal literacy knowledge and skills;
  • develop teachers' strategies for teaching multimodal literacy;
  • develop students' multimodal literacy knowledge and skills by providing them with opportunities to view, understand and respond to multimodal texts;
  • enable students to collaborate with one another and create multimodal texts or presentations; and
  • develop students’ skills in self and peer assessment for and as learning.


To find out more about this Seed project, please click here.

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