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Using Puppetry and Technology to Motivate Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to Learn English and to Enhance Their Learning Effectiveness

The “Seed” project, PuppeTech for SEN Students, aims to explore the use of puppetry and technology as instructional tools to motivate students with special educational needs (SEN) to learn English and to enhance their learning effectiveness. “PuppeTech” which started in September 2017 was originally designed for students with intellectual disabilities (ID). In view of the potential of the project and the actual needs of schools, including mainstream schools, where integrated education is promoted, the project will be expanded in the 2018/19 school year to cover mainstream schools, with priority accorded to ID and other special schools and those mainstream schools that have a considerably large in-take of students with SEN (i.e. over 20% of the students having been identified with SEN in a given class).

The objectives of the Seed project are to:

  • engage English teachers, including the NET, in exploring and developing strategies to use puppetry and technology to support the implementation of a school-based English curriculum that addresses SEN students’ learning needs;
  • promote personalised learning to cater for SEN students’ individual needs with respect to English learning;
  • explore and develop effective assessment strategies that gauge SEN students’ learning progress and make their learning visible;
  • integrate elements of values education into the learning process to support the building of an inclusive learning environment; and
  • identify and disseminate good practices in motivating SEN students to learn English and enhancing their learning effectiveness.

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