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Developing Critical Readers and Writers (CR&W) through Reading-driven Units of Work at the Junior Secondary Level

Launched in the 2015/16 school year, this three-year project focuses on developing reading-based units of work that foster students’ literacy skills to enable them to become critical, discerning, discriminating and responsive readers and writers.

Using reading as the starting point, this Seed project aims to provide contextualised language  learning opportunities  that  integrate  all  skills  and  recycle  and  reinforce language elements (e.g. vocabulary, sentence grammar, text grammar) through the use of a variety of texts, including multimodal texts, such as those found in textbooks, the media and on the Internet. In addition to enabling students to communicate effectively by engaging them actively as text decoders, text participants, text users and text analysts, teachers’ language awareness will be enhanced through school-based support such as in the form of workshops. These workshops will enhance teachers’ ability to design pedagogically sound learning activities that develop their students’ ability to read and comprehend a range of text types, identify voices, positions and stereotypes implicit within texts and analyse and create texts from personal and impersonal perspectives.

More specifically, the objective of the project is to sharpen junior secondary English teachers’ ability to:

  • identify thematically-linked materials and resources, including multimodal ones, which are suitable for instructional purposes;
  • identify   stereotypes   within   texts   and   challenge    students’  perceptions   and assumptions;
  • become aware of how language is used to position the reader;
  • use this knowledge to support their pedagogical practices;
  • design one or two units of work based around focus questions related to the theme and involving a range of text types;
  • design and conduct pedagogically sound English learning activities that develop students’ ability to be code-breakers, text participants, users and analysts; and 
  • devise suitable assessment  strategies that  support students’ skills in conducting self-directed learning.

To find out more about this Seed project, please click​ here

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