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Let Our Imagination Run Wild Episode 10: Isis and the Seven Scorpions


In this first episode of the culture and civilisation series, we travel through the time tunnel to ancient Egypt and learn about their famous gods and goddesses, inventions that we still use today as well as their special form of writing called Hieroglyphs. We also explore themes like kindness and caring for others through listening to the myth, “Isis and the Seven Scorpions” and sing along. If you were Isis, who possessed great magical powers, what would you do to those who were rude to you? How would you thank those who helped when you were in need? This video provides opportunities to discuss the importance of being helpful and kind. The last part on Hieroglyphs can serve as an interesting extended activity for students. 

Please click here to watch the tenth storytelling episode, Isis and the Seven Scorpions.

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