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Let Our Imagination Run Wild Episode 8: The Father, the Son and the Donkey


This second episode for the social and emotional learning series introduces the idea of responsible decision-making through an interesting fable. Find out why the father and the son could not decide on who to ride on the donkey. If choosing a good lunch option out of two or more alternatives on a restaurant menu is difficult, the “pros and cons strategy” introduced is for you. Try out the decision-making challenge in the “Would you rather” game. The story, the game show and the real-life examples all help students develop strategies such as “Stop, Think and Act” for making responsible decisions. While exploring the meaning of the collocations, “no decision”, “snap decision” and “responsible decision”, students reflect on their own decision-making styles. Use the episode with a unit on collocations or any story that promotes responsibility and rationality in making decisions.

Please click here to watch the eighth storytelling episode, The Father, the Son and the Donkey.

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