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Scene 7: An Object Theatre Story: ‘Never Make Your Teacher’s Life Miserable!’

This scene covers:

an example of a devised Object Theatre performance

Resources needed:



1. Before watching the video

  • Ask your students to predict the content of the story from the title and what objects will be used to create the character of the teacher.


2. While watching the video

  • Ask your students to read the questions first and think about them as they watch the scene. You will need to show them the video multiple times.
  • See the student worksheet for questions about the content of the performance and the Object Theatre skills used by the puppeteers.



3. After watching the video

  • There are lots of ways you can challenge your students after they have watched this scene:
    • Ask your students to think of alternative objects that could be used to make the characters in the story.
    • Watch the performance again, asking your students to focus on one character, and study the way the puppeteers create this character’s body, voice and movement. Ask your students to copy the way the puppeteers create this character. Your students can use different objects but try to find ones which can be moved in similar ways.
    • Revisit what your students have learnt about the plot of a good story and identify the different elements of the plot in this performance.
    • Revisit ways your students could adapt this story with different characters, setting or plot. See the material for Scene 4 to get more ideas.
    • Ask your students to produce a performance of this scene or of their adaptation of it. This would be a very good step to take before asking students to devise their own story. To facilitate self-evaluation and peer and teacher feedback, you can use the Performance Criteria for Object Theatre (Appendix 4).  
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