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Using Debate in the English Classroom


Supporting Materials (Video files)

Table of Contents for the Accompanying DVD 

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Introduction - Why Teach English Through Debating?

Why Teach English through Debating?
What is a Debate?

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Title 1 - Overview of a Debate (PowerPoint Lesson)

Usual Hong Kong Secondary School

Debate Format

Title 2 - One-minute Speeches

Room Set-up for a Debate 

Title 3 - Analysing a Motion

Debate Participants 

Title 4 - One-minute Arguments

Quick Debate Planner Checklist

Title 5 - Paired Argument

Analysing the Motion

Title 6 - Developing a Team Line

The Speech

Title 7 - Tag Debating

The Delivery

Title 8 - Comparative & Superlative

The 3 Elements of Debate – Matter, Manner, Method

Title 9 - Three-step Rebuttal

Persuasive Speech Writing 

Title 10 - Debating Skills Session (PowerPoint Lesson)

Structure of a Team Case

  • Speakers’ Roles
  • Example of a Chairperson’s Script
  • Examples of Speakers’ Scripts
  • Adjudicating the Debate 
  • Marking the Debate
  • Examples of Score Sheet
  • Possible Debate Topics 
  • Debate Assessment Worksheet

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Title 11 - Around the Circle

Table of Contents

  • Lesson plans 
  • PowerPoint Presentation Handouts 
  • Overview of a Debate 
  • Debating Skills Session

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Title 12 - Demonstration Debate


Title 13 - Semi-final NESTA/SCMP Debate



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