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Seed Project: Text-types and e-Learning for Communication (

Following on from the project which aimed to encourage participating schools to keep pace with the current educational trend of e-learning while focusing on grammar, the project has been a logical extension to this project development experience.The project focuses on the important role that e-learning, text types and teaching play in the creation of new possibilities in and beyond the classroom. It aims to increase the capacity and competence of the students and teachers in the project schools. focuses on the important roles that e-learning, text types and teaching can play in the creation of new possibilities in and beyond the classroom, leading to an increase in both teaching and learning competency for those involved. 

Built into this would be:

  • aspects of cooperative learning that naturally encourage communication between participants;
  • a focus set of text types appropriate to Key Stage 2 students, e.g. narrative, information, explanatory, procedural texts;
  • the language features and forms to be taught; and
  • an outline of the e-tools and resources selected for use within the classroom. 


Project objectives

Through participation in, it is expected that:

  • students’ motivation and capacity to understand and use the focus text types for communication will be strengthened through engaging and interactive activities that involve the integration of the four language skills and the use of e-tools and resources;
  • students will learn at their own pace while having the opportunities to closely collaborate and actively communicate with their learning partners;
  • teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and skills relating to the language features and language forms of the focus text-types, and their use of e-learning tools and resources to put this into practice at the upper primary level, will be enhanced; and
  • a range of pedagogical strategies will be identified to exploit the potential of e-learning tools and resources to support students in their understanding and use of the focus text types for a variety of communication opportunities. 


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